Gifted & Talented

Gifted Education in the Junior Learning Community (JLC)

There are two main arms to the Gifted & Talented program in the Junior Learning Community; the full-time program known as LUMOS, and the part-time programs known as IGNITE for Prep - Year 2, and FLARE for Years 3 - 6.

IGNITE caters for Junior students who are demonstrating exceptional mastery of content and skills in particular subject domains, and provides extension work and investigations in core areas of study.

FLARE caters for mildly to moderately-gifted students or children who display a high proficiency in a particular subject in the mainstream context, and provides a selection of short courses across various subject areas. This program uses a blend of problem and inquiry-based learning models, and engages students in real-world activities with intentional and measurable outcomes.

FLARE short courses are condensed units of work where qualifying students participate in extension and enrichment activities, in their particular area of interest. Students are referred to these short courses by their teacher, in consultation with parents.

LUMOS is a full-time extension program for highly-gifted Years 3 - 6 students, and has greater rigour, complexity and depth, and embraces the higher cognitive domains of critical and creative thinking.

At Hillcrest, we recognise that exceptionally-gifted students require a significantly different program to the set curriculum, which LUMOS is able to provide. Places within this program are offered via a defined set of selection criteria, and positions only have a one-year tenure. LUMOS classes are determined based on the student needs and abilities within each cohort’s population, and we have a limited number of places available each year. As a ‘rule of thumb,’ the program is designed for students who demonstrate an Intellectual Quotient that is 135 or above, and present highly-gifted characteristics and potential. Screening for the full-time program begins from the preparatory years, as student profiles are formed and developed through Years 1 - 2.

Students who are new to Hillcrest and hoping to commence our LUMOS program, will be required to undertake a process of interviews and formal assessments before any offer of placement is made. Please contact our College Registrar to begin the process of application and consideration for the LUMOS program.

Content and Curriculum

Hillcrest’s Gifted & Talented programs build upon the Australian National Curriculum, as the foundation into the higher-order thinking and cognitive domains. We embrace Professor Gagne’s model for gifted education, as well as understandings from key researchers and practitioners in the field such as Williams, Maker, Kaplan, Ryan, De Bono and van Tassel-Baska.


Hillcrest also participates in competitions, assessments and innovations offered via major educational organisations throughout the school year. Competitions and events may include, but are not limited to: The Readers’ Cup, the A.B. Paterson Public Speaking, ICAS, Maths Olympiads and Choral Excellence programs.

Gifted Education in the Senior Learning Community (SLC)


We offer our renowned New Horizons Program for very high-achieving senior students in Years 7 - 9, to help them accelerate their learning. Students in our Year 7 New Horizons classes study Mathematics and Science through Design-Based Learning and cover topics including: percentage of change, ratios, forces, friction, magnetism, aerodynamics, aeronautics, surface area, volume and more.

For more information about our Gifted & Talented programs, please contact the College by emailing