Gifted & Talented

Students in our Year 7 New Horizons classes studying Mathematics and Science through Project Based Learning. Topics covered: Percentage of change, ratios, forces, friction, magnetism, aerodynamics, aeronautics, surface area, volume and more.

At Hillcrest we recognise, value and cater for gifted and talented students. Giftedness is an ability and/or learning potential that is significantly advanced beyond the average (norm) for a particular age group. Talent is perceived as the realisation and outworking of that ability and potential.

There are two arms to the Gifted & Talented program in the Junior Learning Community; the full-time ECHO (Every Child Has Opportunity) program and a selection of short courses across the various subject disciplines. Highly and exceptionally gifted students require a substantially different program to the regular curriculum. In the Junior Learning Community, the full-time ECHO program is available for Years 3-6, on a needs basis. Screening for the full-time program begins from the preparatory years as student profiles are formed, and develop further in Years 1 and 2.

Our short courses are condensed units of work whereby qualifying students, who need extension and enrichment in a particular area of interest or ability, can participate. Again, these short courses operate on a needs basis where children are referred by teachers and parents in consultation.

ECHO in the Senior Learning Community takes on the form of advanced classes in key learning areas. This program is then supported by elective subjects.

Hillcrest Christian College fosters the development of the gifted individual in the following ways:

  • Differentiated curriculum programs in the mainstream context;
  • Enrichment short courses for specific subject / skill areas;
  • ECHO, our full-time gifted and talented program for Years 3 to 6;
  • ECHO advanced classes in the areas of English, Mathematics and Science in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10;
  • ECHO advanced classes in History / Geography in Year 7,8 & 9;
  • Participation in competitions and assessments offered via major educational organisations throughout the school year.

Hillcrest’s Gifted & Talented programs address and build upon the Australian National Curriculum as a foundation and springboard into the higher order thinking and cognitive domains.

We embrace Professor Gagne’s model for gifted education, as well as understandings from key researchers and practitioners as Williams, Maker, Kaplan, Ryan, De Bono and van Tassel-Baska.

For more detailed information contact the College on to communicate with personnel who oversee each of the Gifted & Talented initiatives.

Honours Program (Years 10-12)

At Hillcrest Christian College we offer a unique Honours Program for our gifted and talented students. This program is available to students who meet the Honours Program criteria and their willingness to commit to the opportunities that the program provides.

The program, available via small group tutoring in Honours English and/or Honours Mathematics, focuses on enhancing the students skills and understanding in order for students to accelerate and extend their learning in English and Mathematics.

In addition, the College also offers the following:

  • Mentor program with a selected staff member to plan potential pathways.
  • Access to Griffith Partnership Programs offered on Campus in the areas of Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology. Physical Education and Information Technology.
  • Opportunity to accelerate learning by studying subjects from other year levels. For example, students may study Year 11 Chemistry whilst in Year 10.
  • Option to undertake the QCAA accredited courses for Extension English and/or Extension Mathematics in Year 12.
  • Access to study selected Bond, University of Queensland, Griffith and Southern Cross University subjects whilst in Years 10 to 12.