Sport & Cocurricular

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Participation in the Sport and Co-Curricular program at Hillcrest Christian College is seen as central to the holistic education of its students. This is consistent with the education aims of the College by providing experiences at all levels in a supportive and Christ-centered environment. The program is integrated from Prep through to Year 12 and is solely focused on developing young people to reach their full potential.

Students participate in activities both inside and outside the classroom throughout their journey at Hillcrest. The ‘love of sport’ is developed early in the Junior Learning Community, with the house-based culture embedded in the program through broad exposure sports that students engage in. These activities occur both during and after school with specialised coaches and include Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer and Athletics.

As students progress through to the upper years of the Junior Learning Community, choice in competitive interschool sport is provided with students engaging in Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Rugby League, Hockey, Oztag, Touch Football and AFL. These opportunities continue into the Senior Learning Community’s interschool sport competition with the addition of Futsal, where a culture of participation is developed for all students.

Hillcrest Christian College also provides opportunities for excellence in a variety of contexts. Students displaying individual excellence in a sport can trial to represent the College at both State and National levels through the Hinterland District Sports Association. Individuals may also pursue excellence in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics, which is underpinned by Hillcrest’s Running and Athletics training programs.

Students may also participate in our Basketball Excellence Program where Hillcrest’s teams are regarded as amongst the best in Queensland and Australia. Other opportunities for team-based excellence exist within our Futsal and Netball programs where Hillcrest competes at a State Championship level each year.

Our Chess, Debating, Public Speaking, Mooting and Art Club programs complement the academic progress of students while also engaging with the broader community through formal competitions. The Duke of Edinburgh program delivers an opportunity for eligible Senior Learning Community students to engage in Bridge, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, which expose students to adventurous journeys that challenge them personally, physically and socially.

Engagement in the Sport and Co-Curricular Program provides students with one of the key dynamics to develop a well-rounded approach to life-long education. While excellence in sport and co-curricular is the peak of success within its individual context, we believe this success needs to work hand-in-hand with a balanced approach to all areas of education. This philosophy enables students to enjoy success in their natural talent and primary interest, while also casting a broad perspective of all areas of their experience at the College.