Community Update - 18 March

18 March 2020 

Dear Parents/Carers 

This morning several new restrictions have been identified by the Federal Government. We have met this morning and have made a range of decisions in line with the need for social distancing and to reduce the potential for the spread of the virus. 


The following activities are suspended or cancelled as of 5:00pm Friday, 20 March. This will be until further notice: 

  • Sports training
  • Sporting competitions
  • Sparks & Flames programs - We are considering other alternatives to support families in looking after children while parents are required to work. We intend to provide details of an alternate program with appropriate social distancing shortly
  • Debating competitions in the Senior School
  • Performing Arts rehearsals - A decision regarding the musical will be made by Monday
  • All other co-curricular activities
  • World Scholars Cup

We are aware we need to provide adequate social spacing for all students. This has been achieved by minimising the number of students in any area. We have made the following modifications: 

  • SLC students now have access to Terrace Hall and the MPC during breaks to ensure that they have more than enough space during eating periods
  • We continue to emphasise the need for personal hygiene by providing additional hand sanitiser dispensers and ensure students utilise these dispensers more often
  • Additional classrooms outside of the Year 5-6 precinct have been made available to staff in Years 5-6 to ensure that students in the precinct have additional space for specific lessons as part of their curriculum program. This will increase the social distancing of students in this area considerably
  • We have continued to upgrade the cleaning of all areas of the College to ensure cleanliness is of the highest possible standard

Senior Staff are currently finalising the Hillcrest Christian College online platform which will be announced in the next 48 hours. We are confident this platform will allow students from all year levels to continue to learn from remote locations should the Government close schools. 

Hillcrest staff are transitioning to this platform; however, please be aware that we cannot offer both online learning and face to face delivery at the same time. 

Students who self-isolate will be provided with work to complete at home. Please note staff are teaching the vast majority of students in the classrooms and therefore will be unable to answer emails until classes have concluded. 

Once our online platform is launched, and if the Government closes schools, staff will provide additional guidance to students for online learning. Please be patient as we work towards this goal. 

We remain aware students require fresh air and activity during the day which is becoming increasingly difficult to facilitate with social distancing; however, we are currently looking at a range of options to provide students with these essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. A solution will be communicated soon. 

Can I please ask all parents and visitors to the College who have meetings with staff to sign into the College at Main Reception. We are required to track visitors carefully and this will help us provide the safest learning environment possible for our community. 


Jeff Davis 

Executive Head of College