SLC - Parent Support

From the Head of SLC
Who do I contact?

The College acknowledges and values the important relationship between the College and home for student success. We value communication to and from home and teachers contact details are available on the Parent Lounge. 

Based upon parent requests, this week I have provided a brief overview of roles of SLC staff.

The Life Group Teacher will assist you and your student through their Senior Learning Community journey.  They support your student pastorally and monitor their progress academically and hence should be your primary point of contact.  The Life Group teacher will refer your communication onto the most appropriate person if they are not able to address your query.

Each Head of House works closely with the Life Group teachers to support the students within each House.  They are responsible for students’ medium level behavioural instances along with social and emotional support. 

Academic classroom teacher should be contacted in the first instance if there is an academic concern.  I encourage you to include (CC) your students Life Group teacher into the email so they are aware.

Heads of Faculty work closely with the classroom teacher.  The Heads of Faculty are responsible for the implementation of the teaching and learning plans.  Academic concerns that cannot be resolved with the classroom teacher should be referred to the Head of Faculty.

Mrs Kaylene Harris, Learning Support teacher, works closely with students and families who require Learning Support.  Kaylene assists Senior Learning Support students with completing long term Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments.

Mrs Nicole Graham, Head of Senior Studies, ensures that we are meeting the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority requirements with regards to the implementation of the Senior Curriculum.  On top of her teaching requirement, Nicole is responsible for the implementation of NAPLAN, processing Special Provision / Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments, and counselling students on academic pathways.

Mrs Joelle McCully, Pathways Coordinator, works closely with students and their parents in planning pathways through to the end of Year 12.  On top of her teaching requirement, Joelle is responsible for Career Education, Vocational Education and Training programs, School Based Traineeships, and coordinating some of the SLC extension programs including the Griffith Guests program.

Mr Peter Fernance has returned to the College this year as the Deputy Head of SLC.  Peter has oversight of the curriculum and student progress.  He works closely with the classroom teachers, Heads of Faculty, Head of Senior Studies and the Pathways coordinator to ensure every student has the best opportunity to succeed in their learning.  Peter ensures students are on the correct pathway and makes the final decision regarding subject changes.

As the Head of the SLC, I am responsible for enacting the vision and developing the culture.  I work closely with the Heads of House in developing the Life Skills program and managing high level student behaviour.  I also work with Peter and the Heads of Faculty in developing teacher capacity.

If you have any feedback, query, or concern which does not align with the above please email my Personal Assistant, Mrs Kimberly Knight ( and she will redirect it on your behalf.


Jason Day

Head of Senior Learning Community