Senior Learning Community

The Senior Learning Community (Years 7-12) is the final phase in the schooling journey. It is a time of significant emotional and physical growth for students and a time when their identity begins to take a more defined form as they approach maturity and adulthood, and grow in integrity, cooperation, respect, confidence, outstanding personal values and a deeper personal faith.

Hillcrest Christian College offers students opportunity to explore their personal talents and interests while being well prepared for the rigours of tertiary education and life beyond school. Students are guided through the art of goal setting and meeting the higher expectations of independence, responsibility, self-motivation and self-discipline.

At Hillcrest Christian College we offer an extensive range of subject choices and guarantee to offer each subject on the line structure irrespective of the number of students who choose it. This enables students to plan for their Senior Years with certainty.

Whether students intend to pursue further study through Overall Position (OP), Rank Pathway, Vocational Education or employment, we provide students with every opportunity to succeed.

Students in Years 10 through to 12 are also able to experience the real world through traineeships, school-based apprenticeships and first year university subjects.

Hillcrest’s renowned Gifted and Talented Program (Years 7-9) gives students the opportunity to accelerate their learning. The Honours Program (Years 10-12) gives students access to QCAA accredited Honours and Extension Mathematics and English courses, mentoring programs and access to study selected Bond University, University of Queensland, Griffith University and Southern Cross University subjects while in Year 12.

Hillcrest Christian College is leading the introduction, trial and preparation of the new assessment format being introduced by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) in 2019. Students in Year 10 in 2017 will get a head start on the new assessment format, preparing them for greater success upon graduation in 2019.