A new journey has begun

We are Hillcrest Christian College and we are embarking on an exciting journey.

We believe we are a school without peer when it comes to embracing 21st Century education with the unchangeable core values envisioned by our founders 30 years ago.

From 2016 we are unveiling our 5-year Strategic Plan; a plan that fuses where we have come from with where we are going. A plan that seeks to provide a world-leading educational learning environment that strives to provide every student with every opportunity to succeed. One that equips our students spiritually and educationally in a college with wonderful sense of community.

Over the next five years, Hillcrest will build on its strong brand and reputation by establishing facilities that enable this learning environment to flourish.

One that allows our children to grow and develop in a safe learning environment as they prepare to make their own contribution to the world we live in.

We are building new state-of-the-art premises to maximise learning opportunities and themed with our spiritual values.

We are continuing to build our community under-pinned by our faith.

We are equipping and empowering our people to fulfil their potential.

We are maximising student opportunities in the power of the new digital learning environment.

We are creating a learning structure that reflects innovation, diversity and engagement.

We are striving to produce outstanding students who have the confidence and skills to excel in modern society.

We are nurturing.

We are loving.

In 2016, we take Hillcrest Christian College to a new phase, anchored by our commitment to the Great Commission of Christ.

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“For no one can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”