Learning Support

Our College operates a successful Learning Support program from Prep - Year 12, staffed by qualified teachers and aides. At Hillcrest, we believe that every child is an individual, uniquely made in the image of God, and we do our very best to nurture, guide and support children and their parents, throughout the learning journey. Our aim in Learning Support is to identify developmental issues as early as possible, and to work with children and their parents to address problem areas. The early identification of learning needs is fundamental to implementing a successful strategy of support, for any student who needs it.

In the Junior Learning Community
Reading Intervention

Children who are performing below year level in reading may need additional support to develop these important skills. Student data is carefully monitored to ensure intervention takes place in the early years of education and beyond. This support may occur in small groups or one-on-one. We have a team of specially-trained Teacher Aides who administer a Reading Intervention Program that is tailored to the needs of students in Prep - Year 6.

Differentiated Aide Support

Differentiation occurs within the classroom context and is an important part of learning. Teacher Aides support this process, assisting the teacher at various times by working with small groups, or with students on differentiated programs.

In the Senior Learning Community
Standardised Language and Maths Tests

These tests are administered to help teachers identify students who may require additional assistance. In-class assistance from Learning Support staff is timetabled in mainstream classes, and is arranged on an individual basis.

Modified Learning Programs

These programs are offered to students who require minor adaptations in order to participate meaningfully in mainstream classes (both compulsory and elective), and are implemented within the mainstream program.

Alternate Learning Programs

These programs are provided to a very small number of students who are unable to successfully participate in mainstream core programs.

For Students with Disabilities
Education Adjustment Program (Prep - Year 12)

The Education Adjustment Program (EAP) is used to identify and respond to the educational needs of students. Adjustments are made for students with disabilities to enable them to access the curriculum, achieve curriculum outcomes, and participate in College life. This process consists of an ongoing cycle of data collection, planning, program development, intervention, documentation, profiles, evaluation and review.

English as a Second Language

We offer English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons to any Prep - Year 12 student whose native language is not English, and who needs additional support with learning the English language. Students do not have to be studying within our International Learning Community to be able to utilise ESL support.