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Performing Arts Community

This page provides information relating to our Performing Arts programs for Hillcrest families.

Vision & Values

Hillcrest Christian College Performing Arts Department will be one of the leading comprehensive Performing Arts schools on the Gold Coast in all areas – including Dance, Drama, Music, Choral and Instrumental music, and Musicals.

  • God-honouring – worship is the central focus of all we do
  • Inclusive - Performing Arts is for everyone through equality of access
  • Striving creatively – we aim to be excellent in everything we do – taking the creative path there
  • Relationship-focussed - nurturing growth, maturity, relationships, leadership
Choral Program
Hillcrest Choral Program

Hillcrest offers every student from Years 2–12 the opportunity to participate in a choir. There are three levels within the Hillcrest Choral Department and these include: All-inclusive Choirs (open to all students with no audition required), Specialist Choirs (for the young men in our College), and the Choral Excellence Program.

All-inclusive Choirs: These choirs are non-auditioned, free of charge, and students rehearse during school time.

Specialist Male Choirs: These choirs are non-auditioned, free of charge, and students rehearse before school. Our all-male choirs are offered to the young men in our community.

Excellence Choirs: These choirs require an audition, involve a cost, and students rehearse at various times. The Choral Excellence Program aims to provide an opportunity for talented choristers to achieve a level of advanced choral and performance skills. Membership of the Excellence Choirs provides students with opportunities to tour nationally and internationally.

  • Poco Voce: Years 5 and 6
  • Bella Voce: Years 7–9
  • Bel Canto: Years 10–12 Girls
Hillcrest Dance Program

The Hillcrest Dance Academy is operated by Currumbin Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA).

Speech & Drama
Speech and Drama Program (PREP-Year 12)

Speech and Drama is valuable for students who wish to develop their talents in the area of performance, or for those who are perhaps shy and wanting to increase their self-confidence. Speech lessons are life lessons and form an important stepping stone for future educational and professional opportunities.

Speech and Drama encourages and improves focus, memory and communication skills, clarity of expression, confidence and self-esteem.

Skills and Focus of Speech and Drama

Students are supported to work at their own pace to:

  • improve their strengths, overcome their fears and work towards their full potential
  • develop confidence through verbal and non-verbal communication
  • reduce stage fright, shyness, inhibition, problems with speech sounds and/or breathing
  • improve imagination, concentration, focus and expression through drama, improvisation and mime
  • interpret literature – poetry, prose, drama – and develop creative expression
  • prepare for examinations, eisteddfods, drama festivals (optional)
  • develop public speaking skills and stage presentation.

Classes can be individual, in pairs or small group lessons. The program is designed to build confidence and to suit the student’s specific needs, talent and interest. All JLC Speech and Drama students are encouraged to participate in Festivals and Eisteddfod’s. Students in Year 4 and above are also able to sit for AMEB Examinations in Voice and Communication or Drama and Performance.

  • Lessons - 30 mins/week for each week of term except the first and last week of the school year. 
  • Small group lessons (up to 4 students) - $130.00 per term per student.  
  • Paired lessons (13 year olds and older) - $180 per term per student
  • Individual lessons - $270 per term per student
Contact & Enrolment

For more information, please email Mrs Jan Boniwell. Please find the Speech & Drama enrolment form.



A comprehensive Years 5-12 Concert Band and Strings based Instrumental music program with a Year 5, 6, Intermediate Concert and Senior Concert Band and 5 String Orchestras. In addition to this, operate two Big Bands (jazz), Drumline, Jazz Quintet, String Quartets and small ensembles of brass, sax, flute, clarinet, and rock bands.


Enhancements to the choral program through the implementation of an extra Excellence choir in Years 4-6; expansion of number of choirs due to school growth; International tours and local and National Eisteddfod participation.


An established annual musical culture – alternating between full Secondary (9-12), and Middle (5-8).


Every second year with our Excellence programs – starting with Bel Canto in 2016 and expanding into Instrumental groups.


Maintain and foster our relationship with CAPA (Currumbin Academy of Performing Arts); allowing dance class growth here in alignment with school building growth. Promote a wholesome image of dance as both an art-form and act of worship.


Further expansion of our successful Drama and Communication program, and Speech and Drama into more opportunities for students through after school classes; Eisteddfods and the annual Gold Coast Secondary Schools Drama Festival.