College Tours

Step into a virtual tour of Hillcrest Christian College, where education differs markedly from traditional schools. Witness our seamless blend of innovation and Christian values, as we educate and equip students across all grades, with a steadfast focus on each child's wellbeing.

Throughout your exploration, gain insight into our mission to reshape education and prepare students to be global citizens. We're leading the way with an approach that not only educates but also empowers students to make a difference, rooted in Christian values that nurture their emotional, moral, physical and intellectual, development.

Hillcrest literally changed my son's life. He arrived at Hillcrest with no self-esteem due to his severe dyslexia. Upon arrival at Hillcrest, the staff provided a safe and supportive environment to build up his reading skills and self-esteem. He achieved more success in one term at Hillcrest than he had in two years at his previous school. The support we have encountered from every staff member has been professional and kind, and they are the most wonderful educators I have had the privilege to meet. We are truly blessed to be part of this wonderful school.
Jayne Ayton

For an overview of our community below is a video of student Molly Swanson, as she shares about her experiences at Hillcrest. 

Molly graduated in 2020 and is currently studying Bachelor of Policy, Philosophy and Economics/Bachelor of Laws at Bond University. Gold Coast, QLD.