After School

After school use of the Resource Centre

All Hillcrest students are welcome to use the Library spaces after hours.

Students in Year 4 and above may use the Library after school without adult (parent/carer) supervision.

Students are expected to be "independently, profitably occupied".

After school program

There are a range of activities which are available most days for JLC students to choose from if they have completed homework or assignments. These include: reading, chess, board games, art and craft activities, puzzles, own computer (BYOD) educational activities, quiet talking and helping Resource Centre staff.

Parents are requested to use the Library direct phone line to let staff know if a JLC student cannot be picked up at closing time. 

Special arrangements will need to be made to look after students when the Library closes.


Lunch time and after school tutoring is available in the Library for Years 7-12 students. Students must use the sign in sheets which are located at the Library front desk.