We have a wide range of interesting, age-appropriate reading books at a variety of levels. Some books are more suitable for reading by JLC students and some are more suitable for reading by SLC students. 

Blue dot books may be borrowed by all students.
Red dot books may be borrowed by students in Year 7 and above.
Gold dot books are available for students wanting more advanced reading materials but which have content more suited to their age level.
There are also sections reserved for young adults (Years 10-12).

We encourage you to use the Gold Coast City Council Library if you are looking for resources not currently available at the Library. 

Please use this form to suggest purchases for the Library. We will let you know when they are available.

Overdue, lost or damaged items

To ensure that all students have fair access to resources we charge for overdue, lost or damaged items

Students will be contacted when we are aware that an item is overdue with a request for the item to be returned.

If the item cannot be returned, or is returned in a damaged state, charges can paid here.

Charges calculated include the cost of replacing the item and a $5 per item administration fee.