2018 Thailand Myanmar Mission Trip

After months of preparation, the 2018 Thailand Mission Team left Brisbane Airport during the last week of Term 3, bound for the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Our first destination was Blue Skies School, where we all saw God working through us as we broke through language barriers to teach English to primary students, and connect with the 26 children that the school owners, Phil and Wanida, had adopted.

We saw God move through the team as we served Him, and our group grew closer, ready and excited for our second location, Noh Boh, a small village situated right on the river that divides Thailand and Myanmar. At Noh Boh we ran a two and a half day camp for young children who came from the remote villages of Myanmar. The goal was to build relationships with the students, as we helped them to have fun and try new activities; and to be Christ’s ambassadors to everyone we met. We all learned to be adaptable and vulnerable, as we were pushed out of our comfort zones and relied on each other, and God, to help us bless those we served in the stifling 38oC heat and humidity.

We also spent two days with our past Hillcrest teacher, Alison Whebell, at Hsa Thoo Lei and Love and Care, the two schools she is serving in. During these two amazing days, we connected with the 18 – 21 year old students, as we shared stories and crossed cultural boundaries.

Throughout the trip, each member of the team learned so much about serving others, and about themselves and their peers, which only increased the group’s ability to be effective in spreading God’s love. A huge thank you goes out to the team for being so supportive of one another, and the Hillcrest staff who facilitated the trip and pushed us to reach our full potential.

Written by Grace Hart, Team Member