2019 - 2020 Hillcrest P&F Committee Announced


Hillcrest congratulates our 2019 - 2020 P&F Committee who were voted in at our recent P&F Annual General Meeting. The following Hillcrest community members will manage the many events and activities of the busy P&F calendar over the next year, including our upcoming Biennial College Fete. 

We thank and appreciate each one of them in advance for their contributions to our College community, and especially wish to thank our returning committee members, including our P&F President Summa Coleman, who will continue to lead the P&F Association for her second consecutive term.


President – Summa Coleman 
Vice President – Kylie Da Ros
Treasurer – Joanne MacKenzie
Secretary – Sally Nickless
Committee Members – Mark Parry, Kim Clifton, Erin Crow & Angelina Griffith