Annual Hillcrest Photographic Competition Wows Judges

This year we received a range of wonderful entries from our College community for our annual Library Photographic Competition. Parents, staff and students submitted their best photos for the following categories: Years 3-6; Years 7-9; Years 11-12; Staff; and Parents. Congratulations to our overall winner, Lachlan Kent from Year 12, who showed incredible creativity and skill in crafting the stunning landscape photo (pictured). The following entrants received awards in each category, and have their winning photos displayed in the Hillcrest Christian College library:

JLC (Years 3-6)

  • Caitlin Brodie 6 LUMOS: 1st Place
  • Elise McGeorge 6 LUMOS: 2nd Place
  • Bridget Henderson 3/4MP: Highly Commended
  • Ajha Porter 5MP: Highly Commended
  • Jack D Johnson 6MW: Highly Commended
  • Jessica Powell 6L: Highly Commended
  • Judah Sanchez 3/4MP: Highly Commended

SLC (Years 7-9)

  • Giselle Chau Year 7: 1st Place
  • Jed Gregory Year 7: Highly Commended

SLC (Years 10-12)

  • Lachlan Kent Year 12:1st (OVERALL WINNER - pictured)
  • Jaid Holloway Year 12: 2nd Place


  • Dr. T Sundaravadanam: 1st Place
  • Megan Gregory: Highly Commended


  • Heidi Parkes: (equal 1st Place)
  • Shannon Martinez: (equal 1st Place)

Well done to all our entrants and we look forward to next year!