We love Appreciation Day (AKA Valentines Day)

As couples across Australia showed their love for one another on Valentines Day, our students took the opportunity to celebrate this occasion by showing kindness on a day we call Appreciation Day at Hillcrest. In the JLC, our younger students showed appreciation for their parents and families as they created hearts and cards filled with words of love and thankfulness.

In the SLC, the Courtyard was transformed into a place of appreciation and the colour red! Flynn House Captain, Sarah Latham, shared some of the SLC highlights:

'Friday, 14 February - Appreciation Day! The Year 12s created a space on the amphitheatre deck for students to express their appreciation for things in life, and take great photos. A backdrop with a banner and decorations was set up surrounded by whiteboards with sticky notes for students to write what they are appreciative for. The occasion demonstrated how the SLC students have come together and it was a great day to set up the community for the year with the vision of unity for 2020.'