Inspirational Year 9 Visual Art Incursion

On Friday, 10 May, our Year 9 Visual Arts students enjoyed a special incursion workshop with guest artist Rachel Favelle. Rachel is a well known local artist, and an educator from Kings Christian College, and she kindly spent one-on-one time with each of our students and shared her exciting approach to art, as reflected in her own unique style.

During this incursion, our Senior Art staff and students were all highly engaged in learning Rachel's exciting techniques with new materials, and have all now gained some very valuable technical drawing skills and creative ideas to develop inspiration, and help them explore their own illustration for their upcoming assessment. 

As artists and spiritual educators, we are always on a continual learning journey with no fixed destination, and part of this journey is about exploring new developments and technological innovations in the classroom, like this from Rachel Favelle.

Thank you Rachel for sharing your knowledge, innovative skills and time so generously with our Year 9 Visual Art class!

Interested in seeing more of Rachel’s work? You can view it on her website...