Hillcrest Legal Students Win 'Best Speaker Awards'

On Friday 3 May, Hillcrest's Legal Speakers, Taylor Ryan, Molly Swanson and Keely Harris, gave amazing speeches at the Queensland Legal Studies Youth Parliament in Brisbane’s home of democracy, the Legislative Assembly. 

Such was the purpose, power and passion of each of the speeches that Taylor, Molly and Keely won all three categories of ‘Outstanding Speaker Awards’ in a field of 90 students from around Queensland: debating the Youth Bill; debating amendments to the Bill; and speeches about various state issues of concern.

Our other Hillcrest representative at the Youth Parliament, Eva Marks, did not have a speaking role as she had the honour of being the Sergeant-at-Arms who commenced each session of the Youth Parliament by introducing the Speaker (The Honourable Mr. Curtis Pitt) and then faithfully ensuring that each speech stayed within its allocated time limit. She did an excellent job, too! 

With students of the calibre, commitment and compassion of Taylor, Molly, Keely and Eva, Queensland’s parliamentary democracy is in good hands … and hearts! 

By David Owens, Legal Studies Teacher