Bike Education Week

Junior Learning Community Tuesday 15 August 2017

Learning how to ride a Bike Safely on our busy Gold Coast roads, is such an important skill for all children, as they venture out on their bikes to live an active and healthy lifestyle. At Hillcrest, we incorporate Bike Education into our Year 4 program, to ensure that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be safe cyclists.

Our Bike Education Week took place from 7 – 11 August this year, and involved our Year 4 classes taking turns visiting the Ashmore Bike Education Centre. At the Centre they learnt about road safety, road signs and how to ride a bike safely. They then had the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test by adorning safety helmets and riding bikes around a purpose-built bicycle track, complete with real traffic lights, road safety signs, zebra crossings and speed humps. To make things even more fun, anyone spotted not following the road rules received a stint in “jail,” but luckily no one had their bike licence revoked!

Thanks to the amazing team of instructors at the Ashmore Bike Education Centre, our Year 4 Hillcrest students are now well equipped to ride safely on the Gold Coast roads.