College Campus Receives a Major Facelift

At the start of the 2020 school year, many of you have walked back on to a dramatically different campus. There were upwards of 85 tradesmen on campus at any one time over the break, and many projects were undertaken to improve the teaching and communal areas of the College.

Some of the works undertaken may not be visible but were all designed to ensure that our facilities and learning environments are the best they can be. 

Some of the major works that were undertaken include:


  • Significant renovation of nine Year 3 / 4 classrooms.
  • Installation of a new air-conditioning system for Kindy, Year 3 and 4 and remaining classrooms from 14 to 18.
  • Renovation of Room 15, and the setup of an additional JLC library for Years 3 - 6 (come and check it out, the team have done an amazing job!)
  • Repair and repaint of Rooms 16 and 17 for use by the SLC. These spaces will enable us to provide a welcome and fun environment for our visiting international groups, as well as additional classroom space for the SLC.
  • Creation of a 'wellbeing' space in the ECHO block. Our JLC and SLC learning support, counsellors and JLC Chaplains all now work in a single area, allowing for better support for our students and families.
  • Synthetic turf was laid on the MPH deck, the OSHC facility, the Hub deck, the Year 12 deck and the SLC Courtyard.
  • The Years 5-6 Precinct received a repaint and new furniture to replace second-hand furniture, originally installed in the area
  • Relocation of OSHC from Reedy Creek Baptist Church to the College, providing easier access for families as it is now on campus.
  • Refit of the SLC music room with new furniture and a suite of new iMacs for use in music along with a class set of iPads for Years 7 - 9
  • Installation of second stage of the SLC sails. The sails are complete and this has doubled the undercover area for students. 
  • Creation of an amphitheatre on the old Year 12 deck including a state-of-the-art digital presentation system. This space can be used for assemblies, presentations and group work.
  • Refurbishment of the SLC pastoral office and related staff facilities


  • Delivery of 120 Surface Go computers for use in Years 3 and 4. This gives a 1:2 ratio of devices for the students.
  • Delivery of 120 new iPads for use in Prep - Year 2. This has doubled the number of iPads available for learning in the classrooms
  • Roll out of the final phase of the one2one with Year 7 and 10 receiving their new devices. All students in Years 7 -12 now use the same device: a Surface Book 2.
  • Upgrade of devices for staff
  • Replacement of 15 old data projector systems with new 65” or 75” touch and normal UHD TV’s in a range of spaces across the College.

Flood Damage Repairs

On Saturday, 18 January, the College, along with much of the Coast, experienced a 'once in 80 year' downpour. As a result, the following facilities were damaged:

  • Year 1 classrooms and associated spaces in the Castle
  • Two staff rooms and a server / computer storage space in Tech Central
  • Room 53 (Film and TV) had major roof damage. The internal ceilings in room 53 have been totally replaced and it is in the final stages of having a fit out of new furniture and a large electric projection system.
  • Minor roof damage to the Library, Main Administration ceilings, several classrooms in the Senior Learning Community and the MPC.

We want to acknowledge our dedicated team of staff, tradesmen and sub-contractors who helped ensure the Year 1 spaces were fully re-carpeted and restored for the first day of school. The classrooms in Tech Central are almost finished as well. They have had a complete refit and will be back in use next week.

We hope your students are enjoying these amazing new and vibrant spaces so far!