College Captains' Update

We are beyond excited to be back at school, starting a new year and a new decade. This year started on a high with the entire SLC going on camp. Year 7s departed on their first secondary camp, while the rest of Taylor, Flynn, Carmichael and Greene headed off in different directions. During these camps, students were encouraged to connect with their Life Groups, give their best in all the activities, and most importantly - have fun! We hope to see all relationships formed on camp continued and strengthened throughout the year. This year’s College focus is Unity, and every student had a chance to further understand what unity means on camp. Our hope as your 2020 College Captains and Vice-Captains is that throughout the year, we would be able to see this displayed among the entire school community.

We are looking forward to seeing further growth of character and community within the College in 2020.

Molly Swanson, Christopher Turner, Hannah Stortenbeker and Eli Taylor