College Launches New Sporting Brand

Introducing... Hillcrest Knights

2019 will herald many great changes in the sporting landscape at Hillcrest Christian College. To usher in these changes, a new sporting brand has been created and all teams will now be branded as Hillcrest Knights.

A knight is a protector of lands and people and lives to serve their King and community. This is our vision for our sporting teams.

In order to achieve this goal, a partnership has been formed with EmuSportswear who have been contracted to provide all of the sporting apparel for not only the teams, but also our supporters, who are equally invested in our sporting life.

Students will represent the College in a vast array of sports including rugby, basketball, AFL, surf lifesaving, soccer, futsal, athletics, mountain biking, netball and cricket, with many more to be added over the years.

We invite you to join the crusade of Knights supporters by joining our Hillcrest Sport community on Facebook and following @hillcrest.knights on Instagram.