Community Zone Parent Portal

Did you know that Hillcrest has a secure online parents' portal called Community Zone, which provides a wealth of useful information for Hillcrest families?

Here is an overview of what you can find in our Community Zone:

Important Links 

  • To submit an Absence Notification
  • To access your child's historic school report cards

General Information 

  • Operating hours and class break times
  • College Maps
  • Uniform information 
  • College contact details
  • Making online payments for College fees or one-off activities
  • Photo galleries from past College events
  • Historic copies of our Yearbooks
  • Past editions of our College Newsletters

Specific Information 

Find valuable information relating to your sub-community including ELC, JLC, SLC and ILC.

Facebook Groups and Pages

Hillcrest operates a number of Facebook pages and groups, all designed to share information with our community and connect you with other Hillcrest families. You can find the links to all of our Facebook pages and groups on the Communication and Social Media section of Community Zone - be sure to send a member request to gain access to the groups that are relevant to your children.

Accessing Community Zone

You can access the Community Zone using your parent login details, via our website or through the Community Zone button on the Hillcrest App. View our short video below to discover how to navigate to and through the Community Zone: