Duke of Edinburgh: Adventurous Journey

Sport & Cocurricular Wednesday 30 August 2017

Congratulations to our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award participants: Cassie Prior; McKenzie Clark; Calum Turpie; Gabrielle Cochran; Luke Halberstadt and Ainsley Godfrey; and Bridge Award participant Logan Chapman, who took on the challenge of an Adventurous Journey, with a Bushwalking Expedition in Lamington National Park from 26 - 27 August.

Lush rainforests, extensive walking tracks and natural beauty make this World Heritage area the perfect place to experience God’s amazing creation. Carrying only a backpack with all of their camping gear, a topographical map of the area, a route plan, a compass and a radio, each of them took turns to leading the expedition for a section of the 27kms covered in 2 days. Thanks to Mrs Potter, Mr Baddeley and Mr Wotton for assisting as Adventurous Journey Attendants over the weekend.

Mr Henderson (Adventurous Journey Supervisor)