Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition

From Saturday, 9 March - Sunday 10 March, our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award participants ventured to Lamington National Park for their Award Expedition.

Congratulations to our Bronze Award participants Zac Gibbs (Year 10), Skye Turner (Year 10), Miles Ellis-Skinner (Year 9), Jessie Duduc (Year 9) and Michael Darby (Year 8) who took part in this challenging Bushwalking Expedition through Lamington National Park. Lush rainforests and beautiful waterfalls make this World Heritage Area an outstanding place to explore God’s creation. Carrying a back pack with all of their own camping gear and a topographical map of the area, along with a route plan, and a radio, each one of the participants took turns in leading the expedition for a section of the 27kms that was covered in the two-day hike. 

Well done students for enjoying the journey, and not just the destination!
Athol Henderson

Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader and Adventurous Journey Supervisor (Bushwalking)