JLC Easter Hat Parade 2020

Prep – 2 Families

For many years It has been a tradition at Hillcrest for us to hold a very special Prep – Year 2 Easter Concert where we tell the amazing story of God’s love for us. This year has  been a little bit of a challenge in getting that to happen but we shared an Easter Message online and have a gallery of the Easter hat Parade below.

Photo Gallery

You can download your child's image or view all the images in a grid by clicking here.

Share your Easter Hat images from home

If you were isolating at home and made an Easter hat you can still share and be included in the gallery. Please upload your Easter Hat image so we can include it in the gallery and potentially for other College purposes such as the College Yearbook. Images may be delayed as they will be checked prior to publishing. Just a small disclaimer that uploading an image does not guarantee publishing in the College yearbook but either way it will be catalogued for College prosperity.