Easter Message from Jeff Davis

Re-published from communication sent to Community on 3rd April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

In this time of great uncertainty, it is wise to look at world upheavals from the past and reflect on how they changed the world.

There is no doubt that our world has changed from the way we knew it, however the new normal we are moving towards is one which is yet to be determined. We must all ask the question of what do we truly value after the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Certainly, none of us want to go through the doubt and fear of this season in our lives again.

Few if any of us would remember what it must have been like living through the WWII. We watch the movies to try and understand, but the reality is despite the best surround sound systems and effects, we can't really experience the fear and pain of those experiences. The people who lived through those years and the post war era were changed forever. They had to live their lives differently and work towards a different set of values. The world became a different place due to the experiences of war and the way people decided to recover from their trauma.

History tells us that world events do change the way we view and live in the world. I have recently been viewing the works of C. S. Lewis and reflecting about his words and their broader meaning. His poem below is an example of one such written piece that has many different interpretations.

His analogy of using a thing that we have experienced and felt, to compare with something that is not fully explored or understood is challenging to say the least. My children didn’t like vegetables when they were growing up, but we still put them on their plate fully aware our dog was having broccoli for dinner despite our best attempts to encourage each child to eat them for  their  health.  Now that our children are adults, they appreciate vegetables form part of a balanced diet and they are healthier and better for eating them.

The challenge facing the world is just this. What do we truly value so much, that from this experience we want to ensure it becomes the new normal in our lives? My wife, Lynne, runs an outreach program for ladies known as “She Table”. This is where eight ladies from different generations get together, cook a meal and then share experiences to help and support each other. Ladies in their later stages of life can connect with younger woman who are just starting their life journey and share their experiences.

The stories and experiences that are shared profoundly change the women who attend. Lynne has been operating this program for several years and the connection through this program has been incredible. A She Table was scheduled for last weekend, however COVID-19 resulted in the event being postponed. Instead she adapted to the current situation and ran Our Table. An opportunity for families to gather around the meal table together, help cook a meal and share life.

It was incredible as we got together and shared our experiences. Even though we live together, this event facilitated the schedule for all of us to stop, make space, and to connect with each other on a real level where our thoughts and ideas could be discussed. This was so profound and rewarding that it is something I do not want our family to lose and we will be focused on doing this on a regular basis.

The other thing that came from these experiences was how this COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how incredible God truly is. While others live in fear, we as Christians walk in hope and love. We recognise that life may not be easy, fair, or successful, but that Jesus died on a cross for all our sins so we could each have eternal life. Nothing compares to this. As a family this is important to all of us and this connection to God has never been more real.

As we move to the Easter celebrations, I encourage each family to get together and discuss what God truly means to them. You might be surprised, as I was, that your children may have a deep understanding of the love that Jesus has for each of us. You may decide the new normal for you and your family includes a closer relationship with the Lord and Saviour, Jesus.

Dare I say it, but perhaps there has never been a better time to look for a church this Easter. All churches are running online services, so you don’t even need to leave home to attend (actually you are not allowed to leave home to attend).

My prayer in the next “normal”, we all understand the true love our creator has for us and the fear the world has introduced into our lives can be replaced by the love, hope and peace of Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed Easter.


Jeff Davis

Executive Head of College