Final New Horizons Celebr8 Evening for 2017

Innovative Teaching & Learning Thursday 19 October 2017

On Wednesday, 11 October, we hosted the final New Horizons Celebr8 Evening for 2017, showcasing student work from Years 7-9. The evening kicked off with a bang as special guest Navdeep Pasricha shared his story as a social entrepreneur with some great life lessons along the way.

Six short films from Year 9 New Horizons English were entered into the 2017 Videos for Change competition by High Resolves. The moving, and at times confronting, short films by were also showcased to parents as part of the Celebration Night. Following a unit on advertising for change, the class was set the challenge of making a positive mark on their world in an effort to raise awareness about a youth social issue. One of the videos is now a finalist and can be viewed here.

Year 7 HaSS plunged into the world of Minecraft as they sought to understand and share their knowledge of the ancient world. Parents and fellow students embarked on a journey through the students’ virtual worlds as they gathered interesting facts about Ancient China’s contribution to the modern world.

Parents and students put the headphones on to listen to Year 8 New Horizons English podcasts. The presenters on each educational podcast discussed the timelessness of literature, through various interviews with literary ‘experts’ about the issues within the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Year 7 Maths/Science students shared their wonderful dirty water filters, while the Year 8 Maths/Science students showed their parents and guests some home-grown bacteria under the microscopes.

The lightboxes were finally hooked up by the Year 9 Maths/Science students and it was well worth the wait. Students demonstrated their learning in science by displaying a series of lightboxes that were powered by LED lights and controlled by a Arduino control unit.

Again I want to thank all of our dedicated New Horizons staff and students for accepting the challenge to try, and fail, and learn together, on the journey to developing some incredible student outcomes.

Darren Rackemann