First Day School Fun 2019

Our College campus came alive with students again this week, as the sound of running footsteps, spirited laughter and happy chatter echoed across the grounds. Hillcrest was abuzz with eager-eyed Preppies and teary parents, nervous but excited newbies and returning students, and our more-mature Year 7s, who were relishing their new-found independence as High Schoolers... But there was little time to ease back into the school routine, as all of our Years 7 - 12 students set off in their House groups for camps on day 2, to build new friendships and prepare them up for a phenomenal year of Lifegroups and community spirit in the SLC.

And for our 99 new precious preppies, this week signified the start of an exciting journey in their lives, as they all took a giant leap into the world of primary school for the very first time. There were smiles, laughs, frowns, tears and many mixed emotions as our young learners got to know their new friends and their amazing new learning space in the Castle.

It is exciting to think of what God may be able to do in the hearts and minds of our students this year, and as a College, we will continually pray that that every person in our community will have a blessed time of learning, fun and friendship at Hillcrest.