Fun for all at Our First 2020 Sports Carnival

Week 2 of school for 2020 saw a break from the usual class routine for our lucky Years 3 - 6 students, who adorned their swimmers, goggles and swimming caps on Tuesday morning, and headed to Somerset College to get set for the annual JLC Swimming Carnival. 

The special day was full of House camaraderie, and kicked off another exciting year of Sports Carnival fun and friendly competition among our students. Well done to every student for doing their best in the pool, supporting your peers throughout the day, and joining in with ample enthusiasm to create House spirit that was nearly palpable across the pool arena.

Congratulations to TAYLOR House for being this Carnival's House Champions, and to FLYNN, for winning the House Spirit Award. Well done to all of our amazing Age Champions and Record Breakers!

Thank you to the House Captains and the leadership team for your positive contribution to the Carnival. Also a big thank you to the staff and parents who assisted in many roles to make the day run smoothly.