Funtastic Fete Celebrates Community

Community News Tuesday 12 September 2017

The Fete was just plain awesome. If you weren't there, you really missed out!

With clear blue skies, rides ready for action, stocked stalls, and a hum of excitement across Hillcrest Christian College, we opened our school gates for the biennial Funtastic Fete on Saturday, 9 September.

Crowds flooded in from across the Gold Coast community, filled with anticipation and delight for what promised to be a memorable afternoon.

The day didn’t disappoint, as laughter and chatter filled the College grounds and families enjoyed the chance to dunk the teachers… watch our talented student performers… experience the thrilling rides… bid on the cent auctions… savour the flavours of the food and drinks on offer… buy a range of great items from the stalls… gaze at the fireworks display… and soak up the positive vibes of this sensational community event.

The 'Funtastic Fete' certainly lived up to its name and was the perfect occasion to not only include our immediate Hillcrest community into a celebration of our wonderful college, but to also welcome our family, friends and the wider Gold Coast community. We received an overwhelming amount of excellent reviews that flooded in after the event.

The Rienecker family were enthused after their day at the fete. Mia, from class 3JY, ‘loved singing in the choir and buying books for 50 cents’ and Caleb, from class 6CS said ‘The rides were awesome and I loved the potato twists.’ Nerida Rienecker (a parent and teacher from the College) resounded praise especially noting that ‘It was wonderful to use the new Castle facilities and to have all the stalls and rides spread out across the oval really made the day so enjoyable. The parking at the church with the shuttle bus running took all the stress out of getting there. Thanks for a wonderful day. How awesome is our school!’

A parent and board member of the College, Steve Hunt thought ‘the fete was a reflection of the wonderful school community that exists at Hillcrest Christian College. There was strong participation from students, parents, staff and stall holders, which demonstrated the strong underlying culture at the College. There was certainly something special about holding the fete on the oval at a time when the Junior Learning facilities have been completed. The 2017 fete ushers in a new era for Hillcrest now that all these facilities have been completed.’

Hillcrest student Bradley Adams, from class 5KM, raved about the day saying 'The Fete was just plain awesome. If you weren't there, you really missed out! I really loved the disco ride.'

Another student, Holly Hunt from 3/4P commented ‘My favourite things at the fete were all the animals that you could hold and touch. I also loved the fireworks and enjoyed all the cool rides with all my school buddies.'

One of our former parents of the College, Lyn Deacon, said she was 'impressed by the dazzling firework display and amazed at the reflections on the Castle lake!'

This year’s Fete was one of the best Hillcrest has every held, and this is thanks to the tireless planning and execution of our P&F Fete Coordinators Justine and Summa, the generous contributions of our wider P&F Committee, Hillcrest staff, and the countless volunteers who all played an important role in the event. We know events like this are only made possible thanks to the time, energy and dedication of our volunteers so we truly appreciate every single person who contributed to our 2017 Funtastic Fete.