GOMA Excursion Celebrates Our Precious Resource

On Friday, 7 February, our Year 10 Visual Art students visited the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane, to immerse themselves in a very reflective exhibition celebrating one of Earth's most precious resources.

The ‘Water’ exhibition provided an incredible experience and the purpose of the excursion was to investigate how artists respond to climate change, access to water and ecological fragility. The exhibition offered a multi-sensory experience, rather that the traditional style, as our students engaged with various forms of water, and enjoyed diving in to the William Forsythe ‘The Fact of Matter’ giant swing obstacle installation. The idea behind this sculpture was to ‘embrace an unfamiliar set of actions, and to devise unexpected solutions.’ Conceptually, this corresponds with how humans need to think outside of the box to find solutions to the problems and issues surrounding water.

This thought-provoking exhibition sparked conversations around some of the environmental and social challenges faced by the world today, and really helped to remind our budding young artists of the vital importance of water. Students will be continue researching artists from the exhibition to devise and create their own artwork that expresses an individual viewpoint about climate change, access to water and/or ecological fragility.