Year 4 Students Conquer Camp Goodenough

Junior Learning Community Wednesday 02 August 2017

From July, 31 – August 1, Hillcrest's Year 4 students went on their first overnight camp to Camp Goodenough, in Bilambil. During the adventure-filled camp, many fears were conquered and an amazing time was had by all.

The children took part in a number of different activities, and their favourites included The Giant Swing, where they were attached to a harness and got to swing over the trees, and Crate stacking, where they had to balance of a stack of crates, while their team mates supported them with ropes. Team Pursuits and The Obstacle Course were also thoroughly enjoyed, as students learned to solve different problems, by working collaboratively with others.

Their engineering skills were put to the test in the Billy Cart’s shed, where the carts had to be constructed using nuts and bolts, before they could be driven. The children then raced around a track, and learned the importance of careful steering! Many new skills were learnt and talents discovered during these activities.

We were treated to delicious home cooked food and each group also had a turn to prepare and clean up after meal times. The evening ended with a game of “Minute to Win it” and a dance off. The activity groups were formed by mixing students from across all Year 4 classes, and many new friendships were formed as they interacted with each other.

All Year 4 teachers were very proud of the children throughout the camp for their exceptional behaviour and the way they displayed many fruits of the spirit in their conduct and postive fellowship with one another. It was also impressive to see all students embrace a willing attitude to attempt every challenge, which often pushed them out of their comfort zone, but produced more self-confidence and a very memorable camp experience.