Hillcrest United Nations Youth Representatives

Senior Learning Community Sunday 18 June 2017

Year 12 students, Alexandra Murray and Jemima Roze are preparing for leadership on an international stage these holidays. Both girls have been selected as one of 16 students to participate in the UN Youth Aotearoa Leadership Tour; a program investigating contemporary and historical approaches to indigenous rights and reconciliation, and run by the UN Youth Australia. The two-week tour spanning Sydney, Waitangi, Wellington and Auckland, has been preceded by over 8 months of preparations, building awareness and understanding of the issues that indigenous people face at home and abroad.

The aim of the tour is to inspire and equip students of the delegation with the skills to become leaders of social change. Practically, this will mean volunteering with grassroots organisations, investigating the history of indigenous relations in the Pacific through various workshops and events, and learning of the approaches taken by governments, NGOs, and the private sector to achieve indigenous equality and empowerment through different consultations. They will meet with diplomats, policy-makers, academics, and Indigenous community leaders, to inform them as future leaders.

This self-funded tour is run by the United Nations Youth Australia, which is a not-for-profit grassroots organisation run entirely by volunteers aged between 16 and 25, with the aim of educating and empowering youth. The organisation has strong foundations in many events, competitions and international tours, which all endeavour to provide a deep knowledge of the issues faced by social and political platforms and the skills needed to address them.

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