Hillcrest Year 12s Sit QCS Exams

Senior Learning Community Wednesday 30 August 2017

On Tuesday, 29 and Wednesday 30 August, 75 Year 12 Hillcrest students sat their QCS exams in Terrace Hall. To help ease some of the exam stress, our Year 5 students prepared personal 'Stress Kits' for the seniors, and left these out for them on their exam desks, for when they arrived on Monday for a rehearsal. The Year 11s also showed their support by cooking the Year 12s a nutritious breakfast, before the first exam got underway on Tuesday morning.

The students were very focussed as they sat each of the four exams, and Hillcrest staff were very impressed with the way they conducted themselves. We look forward to seeing the excellent results when they are released later in the year.