Hilly Kids Launches in the JLC

Exciting things are happening right across our Junior Learning Community but we are especially excited to share the launch of Hilly Kids! Hilly Kids is our new format for Prep - Year 6 Chapel on Mondays. The mission of Hilly Kids is to bring our Junior Learning Community together in a celebration of TRUE Teaching, TRUE Living and TRUE Loving at the top end of the week. This allows us to set tone and culture for the week ahead, with a sole focus on Jesus and learning more about Him. Across each term we will have a different focus, and the teaching will be based on some very cool kids teaching videos, from the makers of VeggieTales. These are short videos that step our kids through developing their Biblical understanding and encouraging them to grow in their faith. 

Term 1 is all about Hilly Kids LAUNCH -- “What is a Christian?” and takes us on a child-friendly journey through the book of 1 John. This study is also the basis for launching our faith as we build our kids understanding of what it means to be a Christian. Each week the message of Hilly Kids is followed up and further discussed in class devotions, or conversations with your kids to revise and re-visit the video we have watched each Monday.