Lego Challenge

Who loves LEGO? 

Are you up for the Lego challenge?

With at least four weeks before a review on socialising rules, here are some suggestions to create a LEGO challenge for the next 25 days. We would love to share your images and will be published below in an online gallery. 

*Images may take 24hours to be published as they will be reviewed prior to posting to ensure images are appropriate as this page is a public webpage. Please name your file with your last name and year level for College purposes.


Day 1

NASA needs you to build a new rocket!

Day 2

Prince Charming needs you to build him and Cinderella a castle for them to live in.

Day 3

It’s holiday time and you are going camping. Build everything you are going to need or an ideal campsite location

Day 4

The circus has come to town. Build a place for them to perform and store all their equipment

Day 5

Do you wanna build a snow man? Build a winter scene!

Day 6

London Bridge has fallen down! They need you to design a new one!

Day 7

Hillcrest wants to design their own flag. Create your own Hillcrest flag.

Day 8

You and four friends are stranded on a desert island. Build a boat to get you all to safety.

Day 9

QANTAS needs you to design them a new aircraft. Are you up for the challenge?

Day 10

You are allowed back at theme-parks, the sun is shining and your family are going to the local waterpark. Design what this will look like…

Day 11

Dragons have escaped! Can you build a replica so the police know what they are looking for?

Day 12

Build a machine that can help you with lots of different things

Day 13

Your teacher needs a new pencil cup holder as theirs has broken. Can you build them one?

Day 14

Help animals live longer! Build your favourite animal in its natural habitat.

Day 15

The Queen needs a new throne as hers isn’t comfortable anymore!

Day 16

Create something marvellous with ONLY 100 bricks!

Day 17

You are hired by an amusement park to create a new and exciting roller coaster!

Day 18

Design your dream house…

Day 19

Hollywood hires you to build a new set for their new Star Wars film!

Day 20

You enter a contest to build the world’s tallest tower. Will you win?

Day 21

Aliens have landed but their space ship is broken. They need you to build a new one.

Day 22

Design and build  a tree house for you and your friends.

Day 23

Create a self-portrait using LEGO pieces!

Day 24

It’s Pizza time! Create your favourite pizza.

Day 25

Create a Lego version of the Hillcrest Christian College Logo