Middle Learning Community Update

After months of careful planning and improving our designs, we are finally ready for the tender process to commence on the new MLC Precinct build. This process will see the Building Grant Authority approve our designs and then six separate companies tender for the right to build the new space, as per government guidelines.

This process takes several weeks but we should be able to start before the end of Term 1. Building will then continue through the Easter holiday break and Term 2, leading to an anticipated opening for Term 3. We are praying for no hold ups due to transport issues or bad weather, and will keep parents informed of timelines throughout the project.

Below is an artist's impression of the proposed building project:

Highlights of the final design include:

  • Flexible walls that can create both classrooms or open learning space, as needed
  • Multipurpose canteen facility with adjacent cafe-style learning space (top corner)
  • Indoor/outdoor learning with glass sliders providing easy access to artificial turf on the exterior
  • Parent foyer directly next to new car parks for easy access at the front of the facility
  • New external staircase that will provide access from Level 1 down to the ground floor, and out onto the covered play space

MLC Uniforms for 2021

After collecting feedback from parents, the student uniform for 2021 is a point that keeps being raised. The most popular suggestion for a uniform change is to bring down the Years 7-9 uniform into the MLC for Years 5-8. This would mean that students would wear a different coloured tie to students in the SLC, but the formal uniform would remain the same. This would effectively mean that the formal uniform would be similar, apart from the introduction of a blazer in the SLC. The Sport uniform would also stay consistent from Years 5-12 with no need for change. I have created an online survey to gather more feedback on this topic, and I would appreciate you spending one minute to complete the Student Uniform Survey.

I will continue to update you on future MLC plans as they unfold.


Darren Rackemann
Head of MLC