Introducing our New-look Website & Community Zone

After months of extensive work, Hillcrest is proud to introduce to you our vibrant, new-look College website and Community Zone, which captures the heart of Hillcrest Christian College through its fresh, bright and innovative design.

Hillcrest students, parents and staff can use the Hillcrest website to easily navigate to the login links for their respective Student Cafe, Parent Lounge, Kiosk and Community Zone. These appear across the top of every page on our new website, with the added convenience of quick links to portals and emails.

The *NEW* Community Zone is where all information relevant to the whole College community is stored, and replaces the old version of our Parent Lounge. You will be required to log in using your College login details.

QUICK TIP // That blue "+" circle in the Community Zone is your new best friend. Click it to expand the navigation menu and browse your way through the pages.

The College calendar is easy to find, under the News & Events tab.

Our new Parent Lounge is the place where all personal information relating to your children, such as reports, timetables and calendars, is stored securely for parents and students.

If you have information that you feel should be easily accessible that you cannot locate in the Community Zone, or if you have some feedback for us, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email:

Please view our short instructional videowhich shows you how to best navigate through our new platforms. Happy exploring!