Noah's Ark travels to Hillcrest for JLC Presentation

Junior Learning Community Monday 07 August 2017

On Friday, 4 August, Rod and Nancy Walsh from Creation Ministries visited our Year 3-6 students to present their Ark Van ministry. This was a fascinating presentation involving a scale model of Noah’s Ark, as dimensioned in the Bible. They presented answers to questions, including:

  • How big was the Ark and how did all the animals fit?
  • Were dinosaurs on the Ark?
  • How did Noah keep all the animals on the Ark alive?
  • How stable was the Ark?
  • Did people from biblical times have the intelligence and/or technology to build the Ark?
  • Could the Bible have been describing a local flood?
  • Where did all the water come from? Where did all the water go?
  • What evidence do we see today for a global flood?
  • How could the world have been populated in just 4,500 years since the Flood?

The presentation was engaging, relevant and eye-opening for the students. It helped to cement the fact that the story of the Ark and flood, as told in the Bible, is not a fairy tale, myth or legend, but a legitimate part of Earth’s history. It was also of great relevance to the JLC Science and Christian Living programs, providing tangible links to concepts and curriculum pursued in lessons as our academic focus is always God-centred.

We thank Rod and Nancy, and Creation Ministries, for their interesting presentation, and their tireless efforts as they travel Australia sharing this message. For further info see