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Thursday, 16 Apr 2020

Social Cookup

Invite a few friends to participate in a recipe roundup, which could have themes like “that one thing your grandma makes better than everyone else” and “best cookie recipes.” Share the...
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Sunday, 12 Apr 2020

Year 8 Engineering – CO2 Dragsters

The human race is defined by their creativity and curiosity. We have a hunger to go further, go higher and go faster.  We want to break boundaries previously thought...
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Thursday, 09 Apr 2020

Term 1 SLC Competitions

We hope you enjoy the following videos from Term 1 SLC Dodgeball
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Thursday, 09 Apr 2020

JLC Easter Hat Parade 2020

Prep – 2 Families For many years It has been a tradition at Hillcrest for us to hold a very special Prep – Year 2 Easter Concert where we tell the...
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Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020

Prep - Fox In Socks

Images and activity were taken prior to current social distancing requirements 20 March While the stories of Dr Seuss are colourful and crazy their combination of rhyming and nonsense words serve as...
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Friday, 03 Apr 2020

Easter Message from Jeff Davis

Re-published from communication sent to Community on 3rd April 2020 Dear Parents/Carers In this time of great uncertainty, it is wise to look at world upheavals from the past and...
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Thursday, 02 Apr 2020

JLC Specialist Art Term 1 Overview

JLC Specialist Art Term 1 Overview We have some very talented students in the JLC who have created masterpieces this term. We hope you enjoy the amazing artwork and perhaps...
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