P&F - New Parents Dinner

On the 5 March the P&F hosted the new parents dinner in the SLC Courtyard as a way to connect families and meet the College Executive Team. More than 50 new parents were able to attended and were entertained by the amazing Performing Arts students. 

The P&F is a vital part of the College Community and warmly welcomes new parents and new members. We encourage you to take an active role within the community and there are a range of ways to get involved such as:

P&F Annual General Meeting

We will be hosting the P&F AGM on Monday, 23 February, at 7pm in the Years 5/6 Precinct. During the AGM, attendees will be invited to vote on the new P&F Committee Members for 2020 - 2021. The General Meeting will occur at the conclusion of the AGM.

P&F Facebook Group

Hillcrest's P&F Committee maintain an active Facebook Group, highlighting important news and information relating to the College and our P&F activities. Join our P&F Facebook group and stay connected with our parent community.