Remote Activity - Remote Pictionary

Remote Pictionary

Connect with your friends and organize a time and date for the activity. Set a calendar reminder in your phone, home calendar or a post it note on the fridge. You can connect via Teams or Zoom as long as everyone can hear and see each other ok.

The game

The object of the game is for the party leader to find an image and suitably describe the image in such a way that the artists can draw it successfully. The rest of the group has to listen and draw what is being described. 

Of course the party leader doesn't show the image to the others but must use their communication skills to effectively explain the image. Take turns so everyone gets a turn being the host to describe an image. Set a timer for 5 minutes allowing a deadline to describe the image and for others to interpret and draw.


  • Designate a party host to start.
  • Use an online tool such as to generate a random image.
  • Set a timer (on your phone or watch) and the host will start by describing the image. To make it more challenging you could ONLY use shapes to describe the picture. For example if the image has rocks, they could be described as spherical objects approx 2cm in size located in the foreground.
  • Once the timer has run out, halt the game and take turns showing each other their image. You may need to take direction from others to ensure the image is in front of the camera correctly.
  • Set a new host and find a new image.

This is a great family game which you can play with relatives interstate as well or connect and challenge other families or church group members.