Secret Skills UK Study Tour

A team of six staff from across our JLC and SLC had the incredible opportunity to travel to the UK to attend a SECRET Skills Conference last week, and while they were there visited seven schools across the region; some inner city and others in the heart of the English Countryside. 

Dan Buckley, creator of the SECRET Skills, met with our group to discuss our progress in implementing the SECRET Skills at Hillcrest, following his keynote speech at the conference. Visiting other schools always provides an opportunity to learn from fellow educators, and this trip was no exception. Our Hillcrest staff learnt about wellbeing programs, behaviour management processes and issues and staff development programs, as well as having the opportunity to delve deep into curriculum initiatives that will help us continue to grow in our implementation of the SECRET Skills learning framework.

Our trip to the UK was one of great learning. Seeing and experiencing firsthand how the UK educational system works, and what teachers there do to draw out the best outcomes in their students, was a real highlight.
Trish Hodgson, Head of Junior Learning Community

A specific take-away from the school visits was seeing how different programs are rolled out, and planning how we can use new approaches and programs to enhance SECRET Skills. There was time to reflect within our team, dream and plan for the future of SECRET Skills at Hillcrest. Also, after hearing of the issues some of these schools are confronted with, it gave us a new appreciation for the environment that we are blessed with at Hillcrest - our strong faith base, our learning spaces, resource and staff. 

We look forward to sharing more with you across the year and seeing SECRET SKILLS go from strength to strength at Hillcrest!