Senior Drama excursion sparks remarkable discussions

Our SLC Drama students and staff had the privilege of seeing ‘Mother’ starring Noni Hazlehurst last week at Home of the Arts (HOTA). This was a remarkable award-winning one woman show written for Noni Hazlehurst, who was awarded the highly acclaimed ‘Matilda’ award for her outstanding performance as an actor in this role.

‘Mother’ told the story of Christie, a homeless woman in a world detached, unforgiving and destructive. It gave voice to the fallen and dispossessed, to those who exist at the edge of safety, at the point of being undone, and explored themes of madness, denial and ignorance. The staff and students described the performance as utterly devastating, yet written with Daniel Keene’s characteristic lyricism, ‘Mother’ was wrought with tenderness, violence and loneliness in equal measure.

It was an amazing night at the theatre, enjoyed by all as it created some remarkable discussions about the judgement that we can wrongly place on others. It challenged all who saw the production to think about how we can look to each other with kindness and a servant heart.