Students Continue to Connect Hillcrest with the Community

Hillcrest has a proud history of involvement with the City of Gold Coast’s Junior Council program. This program brings together community-minded representatives from the student bodies of schools across the Gold Coast, so that they can discuss city issues, volunteering opportunities, outreach programs, social cohesion, and more.

One of our former College Captains, Zac Revere, was awarded the title of 'Junior Mayor' in 2013, and is now running his own campaign to become a City of Gold Coast Councillor. By giving High School students such a valuable insight into many aspects of city operations, while also building a network of supportive peers, this unique program can also open doors for a successful career in many areas of government.

On Wednesday, 23 October, our 2019 Junior Council team united with leaders from other schools in the final Junior Council meeting of the year. Year 11 students Eva Marks, Isabella Cramp, Molly Swanson and Ethan Blackstock were recognised for their contributions to the program, and invited to continue their involvement as alumni in the future. Year 10 students Lucy Winter and Grace Thompson joined their Year 11 counterparts in meeting the Mayor of the Gold Coast and other serving Councillors, to round out the year.

With Grace and Lucy set to continue their participation in 2020 during a local government election year, the program promises to be filled with many highlights for them in the year ahead.