Students Sit QCS Tests For The Last Time

This week, our graduating Class of 2019 made history, as they sat the very last of the QCS Tests in Queensland, before education makes the switch to the ATAR system in 2020. Fifty-five of our Year 12 students sat the two days of QCS testing, comprising of a writing task, two multi-choice tests and a short response test.

On Monday afternoon, students received their final test instructions, and were encouraged with personal letters of support from their Life Groups and prayers from staff. Testing took place on Tuesday, 3 September, and Wednesday, 4 September, with students starting their QCS mornings with a nutritious and delicious breakfast, put on by Hillcrest and served by Year 11 students.

Many thanks to our dedicated staff who have worked alongside this cohort to ensure that they are equipped with all the necessary skills to succeed. We would like to acknowledge Mr Paul Wotton, who has always been instrumental in the preparation and running of QCS Testing at Hillcrest, since these assessments first began in 1992. Mr Wotton is currently on long service leave, enjoying a well-earned break, but sent his words of encouragement to the Year 12 students as they prepared to sit these important tests.

Our prayers are with every Year 12 student as they complete the last of their school assessments over the coming months. Your years of learning and hard work at Hillcrest will soon be coming to an end, and we wish you all God's peace and blessings as you plan for the next step in your journey beyond our College.