​The Changing Face of Learning

Innovative Teaching & Learning Monday 13 February 2017

This term our Year 6, LUMOS and FLARE students moved into their new facilities, in what used to be the middle floor of the MPH carpark. The space, known as ‘The Precinct’, has been extensively redesigned to include an open learning space, breakout rooms (including areas for Skype, video and sound recording, a Maker Space, quiet study rooms and withdrawal rooms), and even a café area suitable for both teachers and students.

In what is now becoming known as the ‘Innovation Economy’, workplaces are demanding that students finish school equipped with skills such as collaboration, self-management, creative and critical thinking, problem-finding and communication.

The Year 6 teaching team have developed a program that supports students to achieve these skills, whilst still differentiating the ‘basics’ to ensure that students continue to soar academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.

This year students will participate in a series of self-selected Project-Based Learning activities, to experience deep engagement in the areas of HASS (Humanities and Social Science), ESTEAM (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technologies, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), and the Arts.

Feedback from students and teachers is already positive; children are demonstrating growing independence in managing their time, belongings and workload as they specifically focus on the skill of self-management. They are becoming more aware of their own learning needs, and are making considered choices in how and where they work in order to achieve the greatest progress.

Students are also encouraged to adopt more of a growth mindset, by thinking of mistakes as a normal – and important! – part of the learning journey, and to display perseverance, grit and determination when faced with challenges.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of learning in ‘The Precinct’.