Year 12s Complete QCS 2018

Last Tuesday and Wednesday (4 - 5 September) we saw 54 of our Year 12 students put into practice the skills and knowledge they have honed over their years of schooling during the 2018 QCS tests.

The Queensland Core Skills test has four sections. This year’s extended Writing Task required students to write to the concept of ‘Connection’. In addition, they completed two multiple choice tests and a Short Response test. There are typically 49 different common curriculum elements that are tested (for example recognising letters, words and symbols; graphing; hypothesising; justifying, etc.). The test is meant to be inclusive of all subjects, however, it does has a strong leaning toward the understanding and use of written language, as well as mathematics.

Mr Power, Mrs Wotton and our Year 11 student helpers, provided a brain boosting ‘power’ breakfast each morning for the QCS participants, and the lovely ladies in The Hub provided a delicious lunch each day. From what I observed, the students applied themselves well and employed many of the tips and techniques taught to them by Mrs May, Mrs Lowien, Mr Rackemann, Mr Power, Mr Baddeley and myself over the last three and a half terms, in order to do their very best. Thanks also to Steve McCabe and Mighty Minds for being available to run sessions and also push them along. With the hard work now done, we must wait until 15 December for the QCS results and OPs to be uploaded into the students' online Connect accounts.

Congratulations to the students who completed the QCS test. We look forward to celebrating with you the fruits of your academic labour.

Mr Paul Wotton
Director of Pathways