Year 3s enjoy A Visit From our Furry Friends

AVA PetPEP (the Australian Veterinary Association's Pets and People Education Program) came to visit our Year 3s on Monday, 18 November, with some very special visitors. This program teaches children and the community about responsible pet ownership, safety around animals, healthy living (pets and people), welfare of animals and animals in the community. We had a special dog visitor called 'Bondy’ who is a retired sniffer dog for Queensland. His handler Greg showed us how ‘Bondy’ found certain smells and got excited to have a play. We even hid a smell for him to find! We also had another special dog visit from Sally who works at a Veterinarian Clinic. She explained to us the correct way to greet a dog and we even got to practice on her Border Collie ‘Champ.’ Lastly we had a special visit from Tamsyn who is a vet at Greencross, Mudgeeraba. She brought her little pup ‘Zoe’ to remind us how we look after our pets and the role of a vet. Overall it was an educational and fun way to learn the rules around dogs.