Year 4 Camp 2018

From the 6 - 7 September, our Year 4s went on their very first overnight camp to Camp Goodenough, in Bilambil. Many fears were overcome and happy memories were made in the short amount of time.

Students took part in a number of different activities with The Giant Swing being the main attraction. The children were attached to a harness and swung over the trees over the countryside, gaining a breath-taking bird’s eye view. Crate stacking was another firm favourite and involved balancing on a stack of crates (while harnessed), as their teammates belayed them from below. The children had to use many of their SECRET SKILLS when figuring out challenges in the Team Pursuits and worked well as a team to overcome the different obstacles. Due to the wet weather prior to our arrival, the Obstacle Course was not available, however, we all enjoyed the indoor rock wall instead. Our creative skills were tested in the Billy Carts shed, where the students assembled their very own carts using nuts and bolts, and then raced around a track and learnt the importance of careful steering! The children enjoyed all the activities and spent some time in the afternoon reflecting on their experiences in their SECRET SKILLS booklet.

The delicious home-cooked food filled hungry tummies every meal time. Each group had a turn to prepare and clean up after meal times and everyone washed up after dinner. The evening ended with devotion by Miss Shey and Pastor Anne, who came down to camp for a special visit. Many yawning children (and teachers) then headed off to bed and got cosy in their sleeping bags. The teachers were very proud of the children for their behaviour and the growth mindset they witnessed over the two days of camp.